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Details & Interiors

Projects: Various

Witcher Crawford like to apply an integrated design philosophy and where feasible, we like to oversee every aspect of the project. We often design fittings and furniture, including staircases, fitted wardrobes, vanity units and other detailed cabinetry. We have designed ironmongery for several projects and frequently design kitchens. We plan bathroom layouts, select fittings and finishes and provide lighting layouts.

We believe that every detail is important and that great concepts can be ruined by poor detailing.

Interior Design Details

We are happy working closely with interior designers, lighting designers and kitchen manufacturers, but also have in-house expertise to provide a complete interiors service, dependent on our clients’ preferences.

Lighthouse Staircase Design Details
Staircase Design Details
Staircase Design Details
Interior Design Details

We are committed to maintaining the same high level of attention through the design process to ensure every aspect and detail of the project has been properly considered.

Flooring Design Fish Details
Exterior Door Design