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Remodelling & Refurbishment

Projects: Various

The examples of our remodelling, refurbishment and extension projects, shown on this page, demonstrate what good architectural design solutions can achieve with even the most neglected or unattractive structures. Enhancing your property need not be just about aesthetics or internal layout; the focus can often be on the building’s thermal performance, with the fabric upgraded and renewable energy sources employed to create significant environmental improvements. Three examples of projects before and after our involvement are illustrated below:-

Custom, bespoke designs to enhance a building’s aesthetic quality and value; and to greatly improve the client’s enjoyment. Our architectural experience can add greatly to the social and financial worth of any project.

“If a structure is loved and our clients want to it to survive, it will never be too far neglected or badly altered that we are unable to resurrect or transform it into a smart, grand or charming building to fulfil the needs and aspirations of its owners or users”.

Attention to detail is an important component of Witcher Crawford’s design philosophy and we view bespoke solutions as a natural part of the design process. We believe in the importance of a comprehensive and coherent design approach and we are commonly involved in interior and furniture design for our projects. Through time we have developed strong links with a number of artisans who share our commitment to quality and are able to ensure our designs are correctly translated into the completed project.

Witcher Crawford enjoy the challenge of all building types and architectural styles, whether adding a modern extension to suit family living trends or moving back in time by transforming a mid 20th Century building into an elegant Georgian styled home. The possibilities are endless.