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Small Works

Projects: Various

Beautiful designs and elegant solutions can come in a range of scales. Witcher Crawford have designed a number of small architectural features that range from a single staircase and stained glass windows, to pool houses and countryside pavilions. Whether it is part of a larger project or simply an addition, we take the client’s needs and the setting into consideration to deliver a quality design with a harmonious relationship with its setting.

We bring our creativity and attention to detail to every apsect of a project, regardless of the scale. These smaller structures are key elements of the project, and offer great opportunity for design

From quaint pavilions to contemporary artist studios, these projects have come to us with a range of purpose and complexity. Each project is personally tailored to ensure the design is functional and visually interesting.

We have undertaken a wide variety of projects, locally and internationally, with modern and traditional styles. Regardless of the nature of the project, our projects are finished to a high level of quality.