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Witcher Crawford are delighted to receive Planning Permission for an impressive new-build property in rural Hampshire.

Nestled in a sensitive site adjacent to ancient woodland, the design demanded meticulous consideration of its context and the unique needs of our disabled client. The functionality of the planform, flow within the property, ease of use and access of all spaces was the starting point for creating this new home.

The resultant scheme is an interplay of utilitarian and contemporary domestic architecture, with a brickwork, zinc, and cedar material palette with large format glazing. In combination, this provides a high quality of light and low need for maintenance, whilst fitting with its sensitive rural setting. Detailing of cedar interspersed on the façade and a triangulated zinc porch add a contemporary quality to the overall design.

Within the heart of the design lies an open-plan layout, thoughtfully crafted to prioritize accessibility, and equipped with tailor-made facilities, including an X-Y hoist system and hydrotherapy pool. In addition, the proposal incorporates solar panels, amplifying its environmental credentials and sustainability.

A large hole has been dug at our site for a new build contemporary Arts and Crafts house near the South Downs.

With the foundations piled and the site dug down to the required levels, we will imminently begin constructing this new build house, starting with the basement pool. The site is being prepped for the pouring of the floor slab and forming the pool, walls will follow soon after.

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With its external envelope fully finished, including the complimentary oak and wrought iron detailing to the private first floor terrace, the interior is reaching its final stages. We have also included a sneak peak of the pool progress where the polished plaster walls are just about to commence.

We were approached by a client who was unsuccessful in achieving planning approval with other consultants. By carrying out a detailed analysis of the site and after careful negotiations with the local authority, Witcher Crawford Architects managed to secure planning consent in 2019 for a new build house on this sensitive site. The house is now complete.

This new build house has recently come to completion in Leatherhead. The project involved replacing a mid-20th century bungalow and garage with a new 2 storey house with an integrated garage.

The client asked for a traditional and unfussy design to be in keeping with the local vernacular, and to be a standalone building in its own right.

Undertaking a careful assessment of the site and the street context, we successfully achieved planning approval for a 240% increase in floor area from the existing house to the new design.