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Projects: Various Witcher Crawford are passionate about contemporary architecture, and the opportunities they present for innovation in design and construction. From one-off houses to extensions, these projects offer an exciting opportunity to bring a personalised build and experience, tailored to the client and the building’s wider context. “What Witcher Crawfor have designed is, in no way, what we imagined – but in a fantastic way. We love it.” We have extensive experience in SIP construction, along with experience in both modern and traditional building methods. We have undertaken a wide variety of projects, locally and internationally on some challenging sites, including coastal locations. Regardless of the nature of the project, our projects are sustainable and finished to the highest level of quality.
Projects: Various Beautiful designs and elegant solutions can come in a range of scales. Witcher Crawford have designed a number of small architectural features that range from a single staircase and stained glass windows, to pool houses and countryside pavilions. Whether it is part of a larger project or simply an addition, we take the client’s needs and the setting into consideration to deliver a quality design with a harmonious relationship with its setting. We bring our creativity and attention to detail to every apsect of a project, regardless of the scale. These smaller structures are key elements of the project, and offer great opportunity for design From quaint pavilions to contemporary artist studios, these projects have come to us with a range of purpose and complexity. Each project is personally tailored to ensure the design is functional and visually interesting. We have undertaken a wide variety of projects, locally and internationally, with modern and traditional styles. Regardless of the nature of the project, our projects are finished to a high level of quality.
Projects: Various Witcher Crawford is often asked to design traditional extensions for existing buildings. This type of commission begins with a studious observation of the key characteristics of the building and its surrounding environment. The styling and detailing is then used as a basis in developing the design in order that the new work will complement the existing building. Materials are carefully selected to compliment or blend as seamlessly as possible with the existing fabric. A well designed extension should enhance the existing building and wider area Our traditionally styled extensions are nonetheless designed using current construction techniques in order to achieve the highest possible standards for comfort and energy efficiency. Our designs are inspired by the building we are extending and the local vernacular to create a seamless and sensitive extension. Our in depth knowledge of construction aides us in finding creative solutions when presented with more challenging or complex projects.
Projects: Various Witcher Crawford’s designs for modern extensions respond to our clients’ specific living requirements. The quality of the internal environment and relationship with the outdoors are important considerations in each of our designs. Our modern designs and structures make the most of natural light, providing uplifting spaces, which bring the garden and house into closer harmony. Our modern extensions bring new, tailored experiences to the building Witcher Crawford’s extensions offer flexible functional spaces and encompass well detailed modern architectural solutions. Whether adding to a modern or period property, the form of design and use of materials is not restricted by historic reference. However we ensure that the new structure has a comfortable connection with the original property, adding its own visual interest. Witcher Crawford has undertaken a wide variety of extensions. Regardless of the nature or scale of the project, we offer creative solutions for a high quality finished extension.

We are delighted to have been granted planning approval for the extension and full refurbishment of this Edwardian house in Southampton. Following some poor modernisation in the late 1980’s the property has been left empty for the past 20 years.

Witcher Crawford will restore the lost Edwardian Architecture details whist adding a modern Edwardian extension to the rear of this sloping site.