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We are very pleased to announce that we have received planning permission for this accessible hydrotherapy pool extension to a family home in Hampshire.

The design of this extension is centred around creating a comfortable and accessible space;  providing new hydrotherapy pool facilities and introducing an open plan configuration to the most active areas of the house which will improve manoeuvrability for wheelchair use.

The brick extension features a low pitch zinc roof and timber elements for a soft, contemporary appearance against the traditional detached house. New glazing with the use of timber louvres and deep overhangs will utilise Southern sunlight to provide quality of light to the new hydrotherapy space and into existing areas of the house. The extension will link to a newly landscaped garden to form a considered overall scheme which will be enjoyed by all the family.

We are delighted to share our most recent Planning Approval for our Lifetime Home on this rural National Park site. The proposal includes the alteration of an existing property with the addition of a larger modern extension to provide much needed and suitable accommodation for wheelchair use.

The new contemporary extension is designed with the influence of a modern barn structure that will utilise zinc and timber cladding. The scheme is enhanced by new native planting that form hedgerows and wildlife corridors allowing the proposals to harmonise with the wider countryside setting. The topography of the site presented us with an interesting challenge for an accessible home, but the combined architectural and landscape design will provide full accessibility around the site.

Internally the property will offer flexible living arrangements and a hydrotherapy pool as well as utilising specialist assistive technology to make the home as functional and enjoyable as possible.